On Three… Chilling Effect

Imagine, if you will, Firefly – the Whedon TV series which shamefully only got one season – but with Psychic kittens. I’m so in love with it already. This book could end there and I’d be happy. But it doesn’t! There’s more! You should be really excited about that.

“There’s just one.” Leroy paused for dramatic effect. “The leader.”

“Cats don’t have a leader, honey,” Pink said.

“Tell that to…the leader”. 

There are so many reasons you should read Chilling Effect. My three favourite reasons are:

  • POC Cast and Own Voices
  • Outerspace Sci Fi
  • Excellent Pace and Character development.

This wonderful book manages to find a balance between Epic Drama, and Casual Humour. Each character feels whole and unique, whilst also tiptoeing around tropes people love to see like; the best friend who served alongside them, the rogueish yet cerebral love interest and, the animal sidekick who always seems to know better than the protagonist.

I didn’t know I’d been looking for a book like this. I feel like…

You know that scene at the end of 100 Days of Summer, where it looks like LoverBoy has learned his lesson from chasing Summer, and then he meets Autumn? And you realise he hasn’t learned his lesson and he’s about to have his heartbroken again.

I am LoverBoy.

Summer is Firefly.

Chilling Effect is Autumn. And I’m so ready to have my heart broken again, you don’t even know! I don’t want to give away the actual story, I just want to find someone as excited as I am about this book.

If you’ve read it, or you read it and love it – please feel free to contact me.


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