What are you really bad at?

Oh God. So many things.

Ice Skating – We went as a group of friends to the Gillingham Ice Rink. I screamed every time I let go of the side. It was involuntary. Couldn’t stop myself. When my friend tried to pull me along, I screamed every time she tried to let go. Eventually, I just sat on the side with a slush-puppy and read my book. It’s a lot easier than trying to balance on razors whilst kids half your size and age do tricks in the middle.

Playing Musical Instruments – My mum tried to teach me how to play the piano, but wasn’t strict enough really, and I wasn’t interested so I gave up after three ‘lessons’. And I tried to learn the saxophone. But after two years I’d not really improved so my music teacher said to me, genuine quote, ‘I don’t want to waste your parents’ money anymore. Maybe you should give this up.’

Eating Healthy – Sorry. They invented cake. What was I supposed to do?

Keeping My Room Tidy – I’m one of those people who starts tidying their room and somehow manages to make it worse. I could have a weekly decluter and still manage to have a floordrobe. Currently on my desk I’ve got a roll of binbags, two bottles of nailpolish remover, my IPad, an acrylic organiser with all my sharpies and highlighters, a first aid kit, six prit-stick glues, a remote controller (not sure what for) a black tie, two cds, a pair of scissors, pink post-it notes, a pink hand bag and a blue plastic wallet. Not sure where to put any of it really…

Keeping My Mouth Shut – That filter people have where they don’t give their opinions on something straight away? Never heard of it.

Controlling My Temper – See above.

But hey – we’ve all got our little quirks, right? Right?! These are just the ones off the top of my head. I’m sure, given time, I’ll think of more…


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Hannah O'Donnell

This whole blog is about me; so enjoy the narcissism!

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